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This is the place to present the Newcarbon technologies. Technologies that  help to turn agricultural waste into electrical power, heat and biochar.

Biomass gasification for village electrification

Source: Case study prepared by Bart Frederiks (FACT Foundation)
Reviewed by Seyha Rin (SME Renewable Energy Ltd.)
Biomass gasification is a thermo‚Äźchemical process in which solid biomass is converted into a combustible gas. This gas can be used in a generator set for the production of electricity. Gasification is one of the renewable energy technologies suitable for rural electrification, as it can be applied on a small scale (from several kWe upwards), with a reasonable efficiency (typically more than 15%). On the other hand, gasifiers are sensitive to fuel quality fluctuations, and operating a gasifier requires more skills than operating a diesel engine set.

Click the picture and get the gasification report from fact foundation
click the image and get the report from fact foundation

This system, which comes in different variations for biomass like wood, rice husk or corn cobs, produces a clean gas that can be used in a diesel or gas engine. The systems are offered in a range of 5 to 850 kWe. In recent years hundreds of units have been installed in South and Southeast Asia.

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